We are back!

Dear friends,

It has been a long 6 months but we think the time is right to bring the Black Armada patreon out of hibernation. We’ll be charging patrons on the 1st October and releasing a new game shortly thereafter!

If you’d like to know more there’s a list of the games we have planned underneath this post.

Thank you for sticking with us – we appreciate it.

Best wishes

Josh and Becky

  • Time Team Game (working title) – Your team of TV archeologists has 3 days to unearth artefacts and find the story living behind them… did we mention it is Live? Get Digging!  A GMless game about life through history. 
  • Elementary is a classic murder mystery game. Players competitively improvise motive, means and opportunity, using card prompts, and sharing the role of the detective. You’re each trying to exonerate one character and implicate another, and at the end we reveal who did it. 
  • Life and times of an artist – Make art, fuck the bourgeoisie, live uncompromising and make the world hear you.  A game inspired by the lives and loves of Frida Kahlo, Anais Nin, Josephine Baker, Virginia Woolf and others. 
  • Nuns with guns in space is about power armoured nuns hunting monsters and kicking ass in space. Your abilities are powered by confessional scenes where we learn the nuns’ feelings of guilt and temptation, and generate points to spend on investigation and ass kicking. 
  • Lather, rinse, repeat – this is a solo journalling game about living the same day over and over again and exploring the branching possibilities when you change one tiny thing.  Inspired by Before I Fall, Groundhog Day, Russian Doll and similar stories. 
  • Eighties problem solver is about tough, charming badasses who travel from town to town and take down the local bad guys by punching them in the face. Awesome explosions, jury rigged contraptions, ridiculous small-town villains, and a lot of face-punching. 

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