Bonus game – Heaven Sent

[Heaven Sent was released to our Patrons a long time ago, but is now available on our itch store.]

Hi everyone

We’re really excited about getting back into creating games for you. The Patreon doesn’t officially go live until the end of the month, but as it happens we discovered that one of our earlier games, Heaven Sent (designed by Becky), never got put up on itch. This discovery led to me spending some time prettying it up for publication, and we thought it was only right and proper that we should share the new version with you.

Heaven Sent is one of my favourite games created for our Patreon. You play an angel (or demon) writing to the agony aunt of a teenage girls magazine about your personal problems. Play it on social media for maximum effect, as any unsuspecting passer by can give their 2 cents.

Check it out!