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Lovecraftesque is the GMless storytelling game of brooding cosmic horror you’ve been waiting for. You tell the story of a lone Witness at the mercy of strange and terrifying events. The game helps you create a slow-building mystery, culminating in a climactic scene of horror.

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Free Games

These games are free to download for personal use.

10 Million A.D. is a PbtA game about the desperate, disunited denizens of Earth defending their planet against a humanity returning from the stars millennia after they ruined their homeworld. It was written by Ryan Rhodes, Russell Borogrove and Rabalias for the 2015 threeforged contest.

Defenders is a weird little pseudo-wargame / roleplaying game hybrid about a city under siege which Rabalias wrote as an unofficial contribution to the Threeforged contest. (Like the other threeforged entries, this was a three-person effort; Rabalias was author number three. I’ve lost the details of the original authors, but if it’s you, get in touch and I’ll credit you.)

Disaster Strikes! is a no-prep roleplaying game by Admiral Rabalias. The game allows you to create your own disaster movie. You will create a threat, escalate it to the point of catastrophe, and see who can get out alive. Your Protagonists are the only ones brave, competent and heroic enough to save countless innocent Bystanders from doom.

The Duel is a two-player game about two close friends who fall out and have a duel. Will their friendship survive? Will they? The Duel was a finalist in David Schirduan’s 200-word RPG challenge 2015.

The Enemy Within is a GMless game in which you play a person with a split personality. You might be a hero with a dark side, or a character with literal voices in their head. The game allows each player to be one of those voices, and a battle rages for control of the character’s body. The game was created by Admiral Rabalias for Game Chef 2013.

Farmtopia is a no-prep GMless roleplaying game by Admiral Rabalias. The game is based on Animal Farm by George Orwell. You play farm animals who rise up against the farmer, and have to deal with the problems that creates. The game was created for RPG Geek‘s 24 hour roleplaying design contest 2012.

Field Work is the winning entry in the 2015 threeforged contest. It’s a light-hearted game about IT technicians solving people’s computer problems, in a world where computer problems can be caused by djinni or hellwolves. It was written by Rabalias, Shreyas Sampat and Grant Howitt. Rabalias’s round 1 contribution is here.

Gashlycrumb is a game of steampunk investigators hunting down a murderous spectre while trapped in the bodies of children. It was written by Tom Robbins, Rabalias and Scott Slomiany for the 2015 threeforged contest. Rabalias’s round 2 contribution “Voices” – which is about a team of badasses trapped in someone else’s mind together – is here.

House of Ill Repute is a Fiasco playset by Admiral Rabalias. Set at the heart of the UK Government in Westminster, it allows you to play politicians, bureaucrats and journalists with big ambitions and poor impulse control.

Ouroboros is a mini-setting for Apocalypse World by Admiral Rabalias. You play the denizens of a massive vehicle, hurtling on steel rails through a frozen wasteland. You live at the mercy of the mighty Controller and the Guards. Ouroboros was an entry to the

Soap Bubble is a no-prep GMless roleplaying game on the set of a live TV show, by Admiral Rabalias. The game focuses on the characters in a soap opera, and the actors who play them. Soap Bubble was an entry in the 200 word RPG competition 2016.

That’s Not My Game is an improvisational guessing game by Admiral Rabalias for parents to play with their children. Also playable with adults who have a strange sense of humour.

When The Dark Is Gone is a no-prep roleplaying game by Admiral Frax. The game is about a group of people who went on a magical adventure as children, and grew up traumatised by the experience. You play through their group therapy session as they try to resolve their issues. Through the game, you will create the strange places you visited and the experiences you had; you will explore your character’s relationships and hang-ups; and maybe, just maybe, you will take them closer to recovery. Note: This is the first draft of When the Dark is Gone from 2012. A new and updated version is available in the Seven Wonders anthology from Pelgrane Press.

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