January Game: Unsolved

Unsolved was the Black Armada Patreon game for January 2022. It will be published on the Black Armada Itch store soon.

Welcome to 2022 and our first Patreon game of the year.

This is Unsolved, a semi-solo journaling game about an unsolved mystery.  

You play a tireless (perhaps obsessed) investigator gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to uncover what happened, how and why.

The week before Dragonmeet in the UK I was struck down with a virus.  Not the famous one, just one of the old pre-2019 classic viruses.  I spent much of the week lying down, feeling sorry for myself and watching an endless diet of true crime mysteries (thanks Netflix!).  Having absorbed the maximum amount of tropes and conventions of the genre my mind (even in its weakened state) decided to write a game.

Don’t worry it has been properly checked and playtested (once I’d stopped taking the cold and flu medication).

First, roll on random tables to establish the initial facts of the mystery.

Next pester your friends to play the experts, suspects and witnesses.  Arrange a 20-30 minute chat with them to ask your questions and finally… leap to conclusions about what really happened.

The game is afoot!