November Game: Wreck This Deck

[Wreck this Deck was our patreon game for November 2020. It’s now available on]

If you follow me on twitter then you’ll have seen me frantically posting about this game under the hashtag #WreckThisDeckRPG.  I’ve been developing and playing it simultaneously for about six weeks and it has been a blast.

Wreck This Deck is a solo journalling and deck modification game.  

Catch and trap demons in playing cards, modifying them as you go, building yourself a Demon Deck.  You use the Demon Deck to cast rituals and do tarot-style readings which turn into journal entries but you can swop notes, tips and tricks and do little micro-fictions by using the hashtag #WreckThisDeckRPG on your favourite social media.  This lets you play Wreck This Deck totally solo, dipping in and out of a more social style of gaming when you feel like it.

A huge influence on this game came from Unbound by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor which gave me the idea of modifying cards (and you’ll have seen me use a variant on this before in What the water gave me – an earlier Patreon game).  Another other source of inspiration for me was Artist Trading Cards or ATCs.  I’ve been lurking on the edge of the mixed media art journalling world for at least a decade.  I adore the idea of customised art cards being swopped by artists.

Wreck This Deck is a lot like that… only with Demons!  So watch your back.

Blessed are the Deck Runners.