March game: Stealing your heart

Stealing your Heart was March’s patreon release. It will soon be available on our itch store.

Dearest hearts,

This month’s new game is Stealing your heart, a regency romance heist game for two players. In this game you play young people courting in the age of Jane Eyre and Bridgerton – but one of you is a scoundrel secretly planning to win the other’s heart for the sole purpose of robbing them blind! Scandalous.

SYH uses a trick-taking mechanic to guide you through the ups and downs of your romance. By the end we’ll find out who has fallen for whom, and whether the scoundrel can truly bring themselves to flee into the night with their sweetheart’s worldly possessions. Perhaps the two will marry.

It works equally well as a parlour game with a light improvised story overlaid on the cards, in which mode it can be played in an hour, or as a more in-depth romance played over several hours with the cards guiding the flow of the story.

Yours with deepest affection,

Sir Joshua Fox