List of tools for fun and safety

This is part of the article series “making your game fun for everyone“.

Other lists and general concepts

The TTRPG safety toolkit by Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk

Support tools compilation by RPG Natalie

Bleed as described by Sarah Lynn Bowman

Tools for use before play

CATS (Content, Aim, Tone, Subject matter) by Patrick O’Leary

Content Warnings as used by the Gauntlet RPG community

Tags as used at Garrison RPG conventions

The same page tool by Chris Bankuei

Lines and Veils by Ron Edwards

When the Dark is Gone by Becky Annison (in the Seven Wonders anthology)

Script Change Toolbox (ratings) by Brie Beau Sheldon

Flags as described by Chris Bankuei

Tools for use during play

The Luxton technique as explained by PH Lee

More on the Luxton technique

The X Card by John Stavropoulos

The N Card by Mysty Vander and Adam Cleaver

The O Card by Kira Magrann

Script Change Toolbox by Brie Beau Sheldon

Archipelago ritual phrases by Matthias Holter

Cut and Brake as described by Lizzie Stark

The consent flower by Taylor Stokes

The Ok check-in by Maury Brown, Sarah Lynne Bowman and Harrison Greene

Tap out as described by Johanna Koljonen

The open door as described by Lizzie Stark

Look down as described by Johanna Koljonen

I will not abandon you as described by Meguey Baker


Roses and Thorns feedback technique

Stars and Wishes feedback technique by Lu Quade.


Game wraps as described by Fair Escape

Debrief: returning to the real world by Sarah Lynn Bowman includes the idea of a debrief buddy

Sharing the cognitive load by Gerrit Reininghaus covers debriefing

Dear Jane letter as described by RPG Natalie

EARS (Explain, Agenda, Reflect, Support) structured debrief tool by Joshua Fox