February game: Unreal

Unreal was February’s patreon release. It will soon be available on our itch store.

Hello shipmates!

This month’s game has been brewing in my mind for quite some time. I’d thought this would be a great game for lockdown, but it took me longer than expected to figure out the details. Anyway, following some focused playtesting over the last month, it has reached its final form. Unreal is a video journaling game where you’re a contestant on Big Brother, but something supernatural weird is intruding into the house.

While in theory you can play it solo, Unreal is designed for a multi-player experience. It’s played asynchronously through diary room videos. The events in the house are implied by those videos. You watch and react to each others’ in character videos and to creative prompts provided by the game. Over time you’ll get more and more exposed to some kind of Weirdness and this will get stranger and stranger as the game goes on.

You can find the videos from our playtest game (which is still ongoing) on YouTube here:


Enjoy the game and be sure to share if you play it – I’d love to see what you make!