Not Your Witch – August Game

[Not Your Witch was our August patreon release. It is now available on the Black Armada itch store.]

It is the middle of our second heatwave in the UK and even though I usually love the Summer, I find myself longing for the bite of Autumn.

I want mist, leaves that crunch because it is their time and not from drought, blackberry crumble and sharp cool sunshine.  

This is a solo journaling game to scratch that itch.  

In Not Your Witch you play a person who has recently moved from the city to a small cottage on the edge of a wood.  Why you moved is mostly up to you, save that this place was available, you can work remotely and the rent is incredibly cheap.  Some might say, suspiciously cheap.  

You are not here to be anyone’s Witch. You are here to do up a run down cottage, live in peace and quiet and maybe save a little money.

Unfortunately the universe has other ideas.  Whether it is the familiar who bothers you daily, the locals bringing you both gifts and minor problems or the creature you end up trapping in the;  it is pretty clear this place needs a Witch and it has made its choice.

Go on a solo journaling adventure to discover how you are (despite your best intentions) someone’s Witch.

You will need writing materials and a D6 to play this game.