Patreon pause

Hello everyone

To our great disappointment, Covid cases are going bananas here in the UK and it has gotten so bad that schools have had to close again to limit transmission. This means we’re back to doing home schooling, and have lost the time we normally dedicate to game design. We’re doing ok: there’s been a long enough break that we’ve pulled back from the brink of total nervous breakdown, and we feel ready for this challenge.

We’ve decided to pause the patreon right away, this time. Last time we tried to keep going and exhausted both ourselves and our entire pipeline of WIP designs, meaning when lockdown ended we came back with nothing. We’d like to bank the progress we’ve made to date and protect our mental health, while perhaps working at a reduced pace in anticipation of starting up again.

We are going to release Elementary as planned in January, but there will be a short delay because the day I planned to spend doing final proofreading etc turned out to be the first day of lockdown. After that we will stop releasing new games, and pause payments, so you should not get charged at the start of February. We will take a view on whether to charge in February nearer the time – currently we’re expecting schools to open again in late Feb, but experience has shown that these things tend to go on longer than initially planned. Whatever happens, we won’t start charging you until we’re ready to start releasing games again.

We’re so sorry to have to down tools again, but the good news is that we have a number of game projects already well-progressed, so when we unpause – hopefully fairly soon – we will hit the ground running.

I hope you are all doing ok. What is happening now is the darkness before the dawn.

Best wishes,

Josh and Becky

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