October Game: Last Letters

[This was the October game for patreons. It will be released to non-patrons on our itch store soon.]

Part of what I love about role-playing is exploring how different mediums can influence our storytelling.   There are stories told on the radio which don’t translate to film and TV.  There are sprawling viral stories on You Tube which wouldn’t work in a face to face roleplaying game or a novel.  Each different medium brings different constraints and different opportunities to explore.

This new game Last Letters is played using physical letters sent through the post.  Probably one of the oldest mediums we have. Each player makes their contribution through writing personal and individual letters.  The story is slow, but need not be gentle.  Letters can be shocking especially when you are remote from the sender and unable to instantly respond as we can today via text, messenger and email.  Letters may cross in the post, you may post a letter and regret its content only to send a hasty follow up trying to undo any damage you have wrought.  Embrace the change of pace and exploit it in your game.

There is guidance in Last Letters for how to maintain momentum in this medium, advice on what to put in your letters, how to maintain world consistency and a starting premise for setting up your game.

In this game you play members of a mission team.  Your last mission went horribly wrong and you unleashed something terrible on the world.  You are scattered all over the place but have recently discovered that whatever you unleashed… it cannot read physical letters.  This is your last chance to piece together what happened and talk honestly and openly.  In six months time your window of opportunity closes and you’ll be isolated once more.

Getting a physical handwritten letter is a delightful experience.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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