New games: Sleigh w/Me and HEXED

[Sleigh w/Me was the patreon game for December 2019. It will soon be made available on our itch store.

HEXED was a freebie for patrons and is already available on itch.]

Hey everyone!

It has been a super-busy month with Last Fleet playtesting, creating the basic design framework for my dark fantasy investigation game, Bite Marks fulfilment, a bunch of design work on smaller projects for both this patreon and itch game jams, and of course Dragonmeet.

Because of this feverish activity I have TWO games to share with you this month.

The first is Sleight w/Me, a light-hearted and quick-paced game about getting stuck on Santa’s sleigh and trying to land it. You can be kids (or elves!) trying to save Christmas, or thieves trying to steal Christmas. I playtested it with my children, who absolutely loved it, and I think it would be a lot of fun for adults too if in the mood for some silliness.

The second is a game I wrote for #DuetJam with J.K. Wish of Stone River Games. It’s a much darker affair, a game of generational horror about cursed families in a small town. Your young characters try to end the curse while their elders interfere and the curse itself grows in power. I’m sharing it with you with permission from my co-designer. The game is really excellent, in my opinion, though it has not yet been playtested.

Hope you enjoy these games, and have a wonderful festive season!



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