New game: Year after year

[Year After Year was the patreon game for August 2019, now taken down.]

Hey everyone

We’re really happy with the results of our Patreon so far. This has given us a real impetus to writing small games that would otherwise have not been prioritised. Thankyou so much for helping us to make this happen!

This month, I’ve written a game which is inspired by the BBC TV show “Years and years”. I watched Years and years a month or so ago, and found it incredibly compelling – if rather disquieting.

For those who haven’t seen it, it follows an ordinary(ish) British family through about 30 years of upheaval. We get major technological advances, political turmoil and social change, and we see it all through the eyes of this family. They and their loved ones are entangled in and affected by the changes, with mixed joy and tragedy resulting.

My game is called (ahem) Year after year. It allows you and your group to imagine what the future might look like in much the same way as the TV show did, focusing on the issues that you find interesting. In playtesting we looked at pervasive AI, rampant climate change and emerging fascism; but you can play through any future you can envisage, from apocalyptic to utopian (or a blend of both perhaps).

I’m really proud of Year after year, and I hope you enjoy it too!



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