Lockdown update

Hello crew mates!

We’re finally out of the fog of home schooling here at Black Armada HQ. As you may recall, we paused the Patreon in January because schools closed, leaving us teaching our kids during the day while continuing to do our day jobs, and we wanted to conserve our mental health.

We have paused payments for this month as well, because although we have stuff more-or-less ready to go, we’d like a little bit of breathing space to rebuild our pipeline of design work. (Not least because it’s the half term holidays very soon, so we will be occupied with parenting for a little longer.)

This means that you will next be charged at the end of April, and we will release our next Patreon game shortly thereafter. I’m intending that this will be Dawn of Magic[*], a map-based neolithic fantasy game about young adults undertaking a rite of passage journey to a mysterious magical island. It’s very much about coming of age, finding out who you are going to be, and forging friendships in adversity.

In the mean-time new and existing Patrons still get access to our last two releases, Elementary and Nuns with Guns in Space. We take down older games on a rolling basis so make sure you download them before April.

We’re really looking forward to getting back to working on games for you all!

Best wishes

Josh (and Becky)

[*] Name may change between now and then.

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