Links to our current Patreon games

If you are new to our Patreon or looking for our latest games and want to save a bit of scrolling, here are the current links to what you get as a patron.

At Crew level, you have access to these games:

  • Whippy Wars – a competitive game of wildly excessive actions in the pursuit of ice cream sales.
  • Ghost Hunt Live! – a GMless game where you’re TV ghosthunters uncovering the echoes of the past.

At First Mate level, you also have access to design diary posts, and to this:

  • Lovecraftesque 2e, a late playtest version of this storytelling horror card game. Includes print files for the game and a virtual playroom you can use to play the game online.

Patrons and non-patrons alike are welcome at the Black Armada discord.

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