February patreon game – Pressure Cooker

[Pressure Cooker was our February 2020 release to patrons – it will appear in our itch store around May 2020.]

Hi everyone!

It has been a rather full-on January, between the Last Fleet kickstarter and commencing playtesting of the dark fantasy investigation game I’ve been working on.

I’ve been meaning to share this latest game, Pressure Cooker, for a while. It was written and playtested a while ago, lest you wonder how I found time to write it alongside the above!

Pressure Cooker is a game about a group of close friends with strong but flawed relationships who get taken hostage together. We play to find out whether this high-stress situation will make or break their relationships, and who comes out alive. One of the cool things about it is that you create your relationships and their flaws iteratively, with an element of secrecy, so you might suspect your lover of infidelity only to find out in play that she’s going to therapy for an addiction.

I created it this way to replicate the amazing feeling of discovery I’ve had in previous games of this sort – but without needing the guiding hand of a GM to plan out the secrets in pre-generated characters.

Hope you enjoy the game!



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