Coronavirus sale

Hey everyone

We just wanted to let you know that with Coronavirus-induced social distancing keeping many people stuck at home, we’re offering our games at a discount or free to anyone who needs cheering up or some boredom relief. Our small games have all been set to PWYW on itch, and our larger games have a 19% discount and a bunch of community copies for those who can’t afford to pay.

We’re also planning to release our Patreon games to the general public a bit earlier than usual. We normally release them 3 months after y’all have received them, but we’re reducing that to a month while social distancing is in effect.

Thank you so much for supporting us to make these games and please do share the sale link with anyone who you think would like a free or discounted game to get them through these difficult times.

While I’m on the topic, I’ll mention that we’re expecting our kids to be booted out of school soon, assuming the UK Government decides to follow what every other country is doing. This means we will be pretty well overrun during the daytime and unlikely to be able to do much game design work. We’ve got some stuff in train so we’re not suspending our Patreon  just yet, but we may find ourselves forced to do so if we can’t make the time to create new stuff. We’ll let you know if it looks like we’re going to have to down tools.

Hope you are all well, and thanks again for your support.

Best wishes

Josh and Becky

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