The Enemy Within

I’ve added my Game Chef entry “The Enemy Within” to the free games section of Black Armada.

The game is about a character with voices in his or her head. The focus of play is the battle for control over the character”s body, the battle to decide what the character’s beliefs and behaviour ought to be.

One player is the main or Primary personality, while the others, the Insurgents, will persuade, cajole and threaten their way to dominance over the Primary. The system provides backing to their threats; the Primary can only resist for so long before the Insurgents explosively take over and force their agenda.

There’s an optional alternative where you play a group with warring factions, but the principle is the same.

The Enemy Within is free to download along with the other games on the free games tab.

Josh Fox

Rabalias grew up wanting to be a pirate. But a band of evil bureaucrats kidnapped him and forced him to work for The Man. Even so, Rabalias was patient and cunning. He escaped by gnawing his way through the walls of his prison and concealing the hole behind a picture of cthulhu. He fled to the coast, and stowed away on the Black Armada, where he worked his way up to the rank of Admiral.

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