Signing up for Big Brother was a dream come true. Your chance for fame. The experience of a lifetime. At the start it all seemed pretty cool, but after a while something seemed somehow off. You knew that weird stuff would happen on the show – set up by Big Brother to create drama. But this is stranger. You’re no longer sure what’s real and what isn’t. Something impossible is loose in the house, and now you’re trapped in here with it.

This is a multi-player video journaling game. All the scenes in the game are conversations in the diary room where you tell Big Brother about what has been happening and how it’s making you feel. All of the drama in the house takes place off-screen, implied by the things you and the other housemates say in the diary room. Prompted by random card draws, you invent and describe the events in the house. The other players can respond to what you say in your diary room sessions, imagining their character’s perspective on what happened or inventing new events in the house.

As the game goes on, some sort of unnatural weirdness will begin to seep in. If you’re lucky you’ll get evicted before it gets really bad.

You can watch Merely Roleplayers play Unreal here:


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