Madman In A Box ($9)



You can go anywhere. The whole of space, the entire of history. You’ll explore alien planets, lost space stations, walk amongst your ancestors or watch as history unfolds. You bring with you like-minded souls you’ve picked up on your travels, helping them to see the wonders of the universe.

But wherever you go there are those who would shatter the lives of others for their own ends. It’s your job to stop them. You’re not a gun-toting warrior or a hero with superpowers – but your bravery, intelligence and determination will stop evil wherever you find it – and get back to your ship in time for tea.

In this game you play an eccentric traveller who voyages in space and/or time, together with their companions. You’ll GMlessly create weird places and peoples to meet, plus a villainous force for your group to defeat. The game is about exploring fantastic places, teeming with life, different civilisations and cultures and strange phenomena. It’s about foiling the evil-doers who somehow invariably crop up along the way, through bravery and wits rather than strength or violence.

The game is inspired by a certain time travelling SF character from television. If you’re familiar with them, you can play this game by imagining that you were asked to commission a rival SF show with similar themes, or to write a new series of the show. If you’ve not come across the show, don’t worry – the game will guide you to produce your own quirky SF adventures in time and space.

Madman In A Box uses a similar set of mechanics to the award-winning storygame Lovecraftesque. It’s designed for 2-5 players to tell a complete story in a roughly 3-hour session. You’ll need a set of custom cards – a virtual set are supplied alongside printable versions – and a way of keeping notes.