Last Letters ($4)

Last Letters is a game about a world where electronic communication has been lost, played via snail mail (though of course you can play it by email if that is more convenient).

You were a team sent to investigate an unusual phenomenon on a remote Scottish Island.  You were closer than family, (perhaps too close) and this was your last mission together. It was the last time you even saw each other and things ended badly.  It was also the last time the world seemed even a little bit normal.  Whatever happened on that mission, your actions unleashed the Change and some years later the world is now unrecognisable.  Overnight magic or something very like it became virulently real. Using the internet and electronic communication as a network it spread throughout the world, quickly, completely and with devastating effects.  The Change is the intelligent and malevolent force which is responsible for the new laws of reality that govern you world and which is actively pursuing some unknown purpose. 

Recently one of you discovered that technology is not just a means for the Change to move, listen, watch and learn… but it also contains it.  The Change can’t see you if you aren’t near technology, can’t read your thoughts if you take out your implants…it can’t read handwritten letters.  In the game you write letters to the former members of your team trying to piece together your memories and make sense of the world and your lives.

You have calculated there are 6 months before the Change adapts and even writing letters is no longer safe. Write your letters to each other knowing that this is all the time you have left to connect, recover what memories you can, get closure and say goodbye.