The Path Of The Waxing Moon ($9)



The Path of the Waxing Moon is a stone age fantasy game, in which you play young adults following an ancestral trail to a mystical island, shrouded in mystery, where you will undergo the rite of passage and enter full adulthood. The game imagines a liminal space between the neolithic period where people were settled farmers, and earlier hunter-gatherer times. As such your group can be a mix of cultures, coming together for this great spiritual (and literal) journey.

The game focuses in on the experience of growing into adulthood. The journey will take you through formative moments – challenges, spiritual encounters, and provocative experiences that will shape who your characters become. It also focuses on friendship, and how your characters bond as a group and perhaps forge a shared future. It is a heartwarming, personal game.

The game comes with a simple branching map with prompts, questions and images to inspire your story.