October game: Cyrano In Love

Cyrano In Love was our October release. Its now been taken down, but will be available soon on our itch store.

Hi folks

Before I start: did you know that Lovecraftesque second edition is crowdfunding at the moment? If you don’t know it, Lovecraftesque is a storytelling game of creeping eldritch horror, focusing on a lone witness who is rotated around the group, and where the mystery emerges from clues the players create. We’ve created a fully updated game, driven by creative prompts on cards, and supported by updated rules and the most accessible rules and reference materials yet. It’s also the most gorgeous edition yet with brand new illustrations, including hidden art you can reveal using the (included) UV flashlight. And there are 18 scenarios written by diverse authors, bringing fresh new perspectives and settings to cosmic horror. Check it out! 

With that out of the way: It has been a busy old time for Black Armada. I’ve been nose to the grindstone preparing the above crowdfunding campaign, and Becky is juggling several recruitment campaigns at her work while preparing for COP (the biggest global event for climate change policymakers). It’s wonderful to get to work on these things, but also exhausting.

Anyway, this hasn’t stopped us from working on making lovely little games for you! This month’s game is by Becky, and it’s called Cyrano In Love. As the title suggests, it’s based on the famous Cyrano De Bergerac story and in it you play through that story, with each of you adopting the role of one of the three main characters. If you haven’t encountered Cyrano De Bergerac, it’s a romantic play telling the tale of the eponymous Cyrano, who is secretly in love with Roxanne, his friend from childhood, and expresses this through giving advice to the young and brash Christian, who seeks to woo Roxanne. It’s a brilliant story and very fun to play with at the table. You can use the game to play it more or less as it appeared in the play, or expand the story into new settings such as the included Space Station Gascony 2040.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did!


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