August game – Ghost Hunt Live!

Ghost Hunt was our August release. It has now been taken down but it will be released soon on our Itch store.

Hey folks!

August’s game is Ghost Hunt Live! – a hack of Lovecraftesque where you play TV ghosthunters.

You are a fearless and seasoned team of TV ghosthunters. A blend of investigators, psychics, parapsychologists, camera crew, sceptics, a cool presenter and maybe even the occasional exorcist. This is a haunted location and it doesn’t know what is about to hit it!

Ghost Hunt Live! is a game about a TV show hunting for ghosts and finding the stories of the people they once were. You will play one main character, The Psychic, and rotate this and other roles around the play group until the full story of the haunting is revealed.

It’s a super fun game and we hope you enjoy it.

While we’re on the subject (kind of) of Lovecraftesque, you might be interested to know that we are not far off launching the crowdfunding campaign for the second edition of the game. The new edition takes everything that was good about the first and improves it, providing a slicker, more inspiring and even more accessible experience. You can sign up to be notified when the campaign launches here:


Josh and Becky

July game: Familiar Friends

Familiar friends was July’s Patreon release. It has now been taken down, but will soon be available on the Black Armada itch store.

This month’s game seemed to leap into my head fully-formed. It’s a cozy journaling game about the lives of witches’ familiars, and the silly adventures they get up to. It’s solo-first but it also works as a light GMless game for a gang of familiars.

I had a lot of fun playtesting it and I hope you enjoy playing it too!


May game: Gelatinous

[Gelatinous was our May patreon game. It has now been taken down but will show up on the Black Armada itch store very soon.]

Hello everyone!

You may recall that I finished work at my former day job about a month ago. I have been working myself pretty hard since then with preparations ongoing for the Wreck This Deck crowdfunding campaign (sign up to be notified about that here) and a ton of work to get Lovecraftesque second edition moving, as well as lots of boring business-related stuff. Alongside all this, I wanted to make sure that I got the Patreon going again, after what can best be described as patchy service.

Gelatinous is the first game of the new era. It’s a light, slightly silly game that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I like snacking, and I like drawing maps, and I like games. Gelatinous combines these three things into a fun game where you imagine your life as a gelatinous cube, consume snacks to represent your prey, and write little in character reviews of what you ate. I’ve been playing it a bit on social media using the #Gelatinous hashtag. It’s simple and quick to play and a lot of fun, and what better excuse to vary your snack regime?

Do tag me in if you play it on social media, I love to see people playing our stuff.

Next month I’m planning to release Polis, which is a city-building game using the same DNA as our earlier release Biome (and which longstanding patrons will recall is related to Microscope). Polis is about creating a settlement and watching it grow into a city, diving into the lives of its people over the years and centuries. Best of all, you get to make a map (I love maps). I’ve started playtesting it in the last week and it’s very fun.

Happy gaming,