November game – Gladiators 2050

Gladiators 2050 was our November release. It has now been taken down, but will be available soon on our itch store.

Over the last few months Becky and I have been re-watching the classic 90s TV show Gladiators. This is the UK version – the US version came first, but the UK one will always be closest to our hearts. The show still stands up, and the cheesy 90s attitude remains much preferable to the serious, grumpy noughties reboot. (We’re also very excited about another possible reboot happening later this year – even if there’s no sign of it actually being aired!)

One thing we noticed watching it from fresh is that we had become connoisseurs of the events in the show. We took to critiquing events and imagining how they could be redesigned. It wasn’t long before I started thinking about writing a TTRPG version. Gladiators 2050 is that game.

In Gladiators 2050 you’re playing the latest reboot of the show, an ultraviolent hybrid of Gladiators and The Running Man. You will each get a Contender who is trying to win that sweet holiday in Barbados, but also one or more Gladiators working to end their run – and perhaps, end their life. 

You’ll take turns to procedurally generate an event for your Contenders to try and beat. You’ll then run your Contenders through it and, if they survive, interview them at the end. Once you’ve played through a few events, you’ll each create one chunk of the dreaded Eliminator, and find out who has won the competition.

I had a blast writing and playtesting Gladiators 2050 – hope you enjoy it!



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