May game: Gelatinous

[Gelatinous was our May patreon game. It has now been taken down but will show up on the Black Armada itch store very soon.]

Hello everyone!

You may recall that I finished work at my former day job about a month ago. I have been working myself pretty hard since then with preparations ongoing for the Wreck This Deck crowdfunding campaign (sign up to be notified about that here) and a ton of work to get Lovecraftesque second edition moving, as well as lots of boring business-related stuff. Alongside all this, I wanted to make sure that I got the Patreon going again, after what can best be described as patchy service.

Gelatinous is the first game of the new era. It’s a light, slightly silly game that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I like snacking, and I like drawing maps, and I like games. Gelatinous combines these three things into a fun game where you imagine your life as a gelatinous cube, consume snacks to represent your prey, and write little in character reviews of what you ate. I’ve been playing it a bit on social media using the #Gelatinous hashtag. It’s simple and quick to play and a lot of fun, and what better excuse to vary your snack regime?

Do tag me in if you play it on social media, I love to see people playing our stuff.

Next month I’m planning to release Polis, which is a city-building game using the same DNA as our earlier release Biome (and which longstanding patrons will recall is related to Microscope). Polis is about creating a settlement and watching it grow into a city, diving into the lives of its people over the years and centuries. Best of all, you get to make a map (I love maps). I’ve started playtesting it in the last week and it’s very fun.

Happy gaming,


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