Making your game fun for everyone

Hey folks

Just to let you know about a new resource we’ve published on the Black Armada website. We’ve titled it “making your game fun for everyone”, and it’s a collection of advice and tools for use with any game, to help you focus your game on what is most fun for the people at your table and avoid stuff that’s not fun for you.

A lot of this is stuff that is usually presented under the “safety” rubric. We’ve chosen to look at it through a wider lens here. Partly this is because we think those tools are genuinely useful for more than just safety (though they’re also useful for safety of course). Partly it’s to cast the net a bit wider and bring in things like the Same Page tool which aren’t really about safety per se.

We’ve been talking about this stuff for years, but we wanted a place where we can send people that gives our particular take on this subject. The draft Last Fleet doc includes a link to the resource, as will future Black Armada games. And we’ll keep it updated as the state of the art advances.

All of this is very much building on existing resources so none of it is exactly rocket science if you’re already well read on the subject, but you might find stuff you haven’t seen before or old stuff shown in a new light. You’ll also find a brand new debrief tool that I have designed called EARS (Explain, Agenda, Reflect, Support), which I think fills a gap in this space.

Hope you find it useful, and thanks for helping us to create it.



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