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Hey everyone!

We’re still on a pause here while we unstick our creative muscles, but we are working on stuff and we expect to get things going again soon. This is to give you a preview of what we’re thinking about and working on.

Before we do though, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone here for supporting us. We were just updating the Black Armada Hall Of Fame, where we record the names of everyone who has ever supported us here. There’s now been 130 people who have given their support at some point. Whether you jumped on for a month and gave us a few bucks, or have been here for the long haul, we truly appreciate it.

Josh’s main design project right now is Untitled Space Investigation Game. This is a far future game at the border between SF and fantasy. You’re state agents investigating threats to sapient life and freedom such as: demons, rogue AIs, cults, sorcerers, ancient technology, and so forth. You might play an ancient war machine, a space necromancer, a technarchologist, or a super spy. UTSIG is playing in the space of emergent mystery mechanics such as those seen in Brindlewood Bay and Apocalypse Keys, but Josh is iterating it and folding in DNA from Lovecraftesque, to try and being more of a procedural investigation feel. He’s also grabbing a bunch of ideas from Forged In The Dark. Currently playtesting version 1!

Becky has been working on Untitled Post-Apocalyptic Circus Game, based on the same system Josh has developed for Untitled Space Investigation Game. You play the members of a traveling circus bringing joy to the struggling settlements littering the post-apocalypse. Life on the road binds you together as a tight-knit, found family. But something darker binds you still deeper. Each show you perform is a magical act and an act of magic. Your circus is responsible for maintaining the magical prison preventing the demon Belphagor from finishing what he started and destroying the world. His agents are everywhere and you are just a band of scrappy circusfolk trying to make it amongst the devastation. Roll up, roll up, and enjoy the show!

Meanwhile we’re cooking up a bunch of smaller games, such as:

  • Grimbark, where you play power armoured doggos defending their owner the immortal emperor from threats such as cars, postal workers and cats.

  • Chekov’s angels, in which you play super-spies working for Chekov, a man you’ve never actually met. Create a deck of unlikely items you have to use to foil the plots of dastardly villains and their highly trained bodyguards.

  • Sunrise, a solarpunk game that uses the same system as our previous releases Biome and Polis. Optimistic post-apocalypse where you build and develop a community.

  • Side quests, a little book full of inter-connected tables for generating interesting NPCs with fun problems that your characters might like to help with.

  • VIIIIth, in which you are members of the ancient order that prevented the rise of the old god Henry VIII through the use of ritual marriage; 500 years later, you must stop his successor.

  • The Working Dead, in which the dead have risen and been found fit to work by the Department of Work and Pensions. What awful jobs must you do to earn a crust?

While we’re here, I’d like to mention that it’s awards season! We’re putting Wreck This Deck forward for the big awards, and if Josh finds time he’ll put forward our other stuff too. Amongst others, The Crit Awards is open – we’d love it if you nominated us. The deadline is 31 May (ignore the dates at the top of the form, those are for when the product has to have been released, not your nomination). There’s a list of our eligible stuff below if you need your memory jogging.

Thanks again and we’re looking forward to sharing new games with you very soon!

Josh and Becky

List of crit award-eligible stuff

Our games released in the eligible period:

  • Solo RPGs: Wreck This Deck, Not Your Witch, Advent Of Abomination, Monsterball, Gelatinous, and Familiar Friends.

  • Multiplayer RPGs are: Imposters and Polis.

And for our Black Armada Tales AP podcast:

  • Best one shot – Lovecraftesque or Gladiators 2050

  • Best series – Last Fleet

  • Best NPC – any you like, but we particularly loved the hapless Captain Winther, the commanding officer of the Tychon

  • Best Villain – any you like, but we think Dr Roy (despite being a PC) would be a great nomination

  • Best Utilization of Accessibility Features and Safety Tools – any you like

  • Best game master (indie) – Josh Fox

  • Best player (indie) – Becky Annison, Eadwin Tomlinson, Josh Fox, Nick Bate, Sue Elliott

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