December game: Biome

Biome was December’s patreon game. It has now been taken down but will appear very soon on our itch store.

Hey everyone

This month’s game is one I’m especially excited about. Biome is a game where you create your own world and ecosystem, filled with interesting creatures drawn from your imagination. As the game progresses you introduce events and other changes that will ripple through the ecosystem, leading to adaptations and in some cases extinctions.

It’s a great world-building tool: as well as creating plants and animals you create sapient species with settlements and culture and so forth (and which also adapt and change to events you create), so you’ll end up with a rich world with a sense of history and connectedness.

It’s also just very fun to play in its own right.

Biome draws a lot of design inspiration from Microscope, a game I also recommend, and which spurred me to make this one.

I hope you enjoy Biome – let me know if you play it (or indeed any of our other games), as I’d love to hear how you get on!