Disaster Strikes!: Call for playtesters

If you’ve been following Black Armada for a while you’ll know I’ve been working on a game called Disaster Strikes!

DS! is a game about a major disaster, like an earthquake, terrorist attack or zombie plague outbreak, and the actions of ordinary heroes who fight to save innocent lives in the face of it. It’s designed to simulate disaster movies like the Towering Inferno, Volcano! and Aliens. (In this context, Aliens is a disaster movie, because it’s about an uncontrollable threat which our heroes can only desperately try to contain or flee from.)

The game can be played light-hearted and silly (think Shaun of the Dead) or tense and serious (The Poseidon Adventure, maybe.) Either way, it’s a fast-paced and deadly game where there is a real possibility of failure. The game is designed to tolerate player character death – even when you die, there’s stuff for you to do.

The game is designed to be played as a one-shot, of around four hours in length. It works with 2-6 people, but is best with 4.

The game is now ready for beta playtesting. I’ve already playtested it in a safe environment, with considerable success. But no game should be published without first being tested by someone other than the designer. So this is a call for playtesters. If you’d like to take part, please drop me a line at rabalias (at) vapourspace dot net, or leave a comment here, and I will send you a playtest pack.

Josh Fox

Rabalias grew up wanting to be a pirate. But a band of evil bureaucrats kidnapped him and forced him to work for The Man. Even so, Rabalias was patient and cunning. He escaped by gnawing his way through the walls of his prison and concealing the hole behind a picture of cthulhu. He fled to the coast, and stowed away on the Black Armada, where he worked his way up to the rank of Admiral.

4 thoughts to “Disaster Strikes!: Call for playtesters”

  1. Tbh I’m not sure if I’ll find the players to playtest it here, but I’ll give it a try, if you’d like to shoot me along a pack?

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