1 year of self employment

A year and a day ago I left my office in the UK civil service for the last time. I started a life of adventure as a full time game designer. So far I haven’t looked back!

Here’s what I’ve done in my first year:

  • Run two successful crowdfunding campaigns, fulfilled one of them entirely and broken the back of the other one.
  • Built the foundations of a new game system which will form the core of a number of future releases, and commenced playtesting of that system.
  • Learned how to use Roll20 and designed the virtual playroom for Lovecraftesque in it.
  • Created 7 new games through our Patreon and supported Becky to publish 2 others.
  • Published 40 episodes of our AP podcast Black Armada Tales and watched the audience steadily grow.
  • Attended 3 major conventions including one overseas.
  • Set up a bunch of useful systems that will support our business in future.
  • Kept the business afloat and paid myself enough to live on.

I’m pretty satisfied with that for a first year’s work. This year will be different – we are only at the start of the design journey for the stuff we’re working on now, so there will probably be less publishing/crowdfunding activity and more development work. One thing I discovered this year is that it’s quite hard to manage a serious crowdfunding to publication cycle while also designing new stuff! Finding a rhythm is going to be one of my challenges.

All of this has been helped enormously by the enthusiasm and encouragement of our fans. Whether you’re one of our patrons, a crowdfunding backer, a podcast listener or someone who has helped to spread the word about our stuff, it is all very much appreciated.

Onward to the next year!

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