Dragonmeet and Indie Games on the Hour

We will be at Dragonmeet this weekend – our first convention since the start of the great unmentionable. Dragonmeet is at the Novotel in Hammersmith on Saturday December 4th 2021.

We will be on the UK Indie RPG League stall, with a bunch of great designers from Biscuit Fund Games, Certain Death, The Rolistes, Sinister Beard Games and Wordplay Games.

We’ll be bringing all our usual big games with us – Lovecraftesque, Bite Marks, Last Fleet – but also a raft of our smaller zine-size and 2-page games that we have printed for the occasion. The map below shows where you can find us in the lower trade hall. Drop by and say hi!

We will also be at Indie Games on the Hour, Dragonmeet’s best gaming experience. Show up on the hour any time between 9 and 5 and we’ll set you up with a 2-hour game! No booking required. You can dip in and still have time to explore the rest of the convention, or binge-play back to back sessions of awesome indie games. We will be on the 2nd floor in room D3 (Fronsac). There’s a list of the games we’re offering is shown below (subject to Covid uncertainty of course).

TimeGames on offer
9-11Avatar: Legends; Microscope Sleeping Beauty; Rogue Scroll; Galactic.
10-12Yazeba’s B&B; For The Queen; Mork Borg; Mausritter.
11-1Goblin Country; Paris Gondo – The Lifesaving Magic Of Inventorying; Liminal; Out Of The Ashes.
12-2Smithy of Sacrilege; Cthulhu Dark; Quietus; Stealing The Throne.
1-3Project Cassandra; Terminal Salvage; Avatar: Legends; Microscope Sleeping Beauty; One More Quest.
2-4Folk, Form, Phenomenon; Radical Catgirl Anarchy; Love & Barbed Wire; Stealing The Throne.
3-5Stealing The Throne; Liminal; Out Of The Ashes; Zombie World.
4-6One More Quest; Goblin Country; Stealing The Stones; The Great British Snake Off.
5-7Project Cassandra; Terminal Salvage; Folk, Form, Phenomenon; Radical Catgirl Anarchy.

We also have games available to pick up and play in our Games Library including: Apocalypse World, Cheat Your Own Adventure, Dialect, Dungeon World, Fiasco, Goblin Quest, Lady Blackbird, Lasers & Feelings, Lovecraftesque, Masks, Microscope, Monsterhearts, Monster of the Week, Night Witches, Psi*Run, Trophy Dark …plus lots of smaller games such as Honey Heist, Adventure Skeletons and more.

Hope to see you there!