Wreck This Deck Print + PDF


My name is Jackie Farley, my True Name is Jax and I’m a Deck Runner.

If you are reading this then I guess you want to run a Deck too. I can tell you what I know, give you a head start and maybe keep your soul intact. I don’t know everything. But better you learn it from me and not some corporate-branded social account, that’ll just get you killed. Wreck This Deck is a dark urban fantasy game of solo journaling, demon summoning and deck crafting. Summon and bind demons into your Demon Deck, defacing the cards as you go. Demon summoning is dangerous and you’re bound to get into some sticky situations as you play but it’s nothing you can’t handle – right?

In Wreck This Deck you will:

  • Delve into dark knowledge and live life on the edge as a demon-summoning deck runner.
  • Bind demons into your haunted deck, wielding their strength for yourself.
  • Modify playing cards, creating a personalized deck spattered with paint, blood and sigils.
  • Unleash the power of your demon deck to fight corporations, right injustice and protect your community.

There’s a community of Deck Runners out there using the hashtag #WreckThisDeckRPG if you need help. Or just want to drool over some beautiful wrecked cards. This is the print version of the game – a 36-page A5 zine with hand-made lino-cut illustrations. It also includes the PDF version of the game.


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