The Long Way Home (PWYW)

You made the long journey to the Lands of Shadow, to slay the Bone King. Now the dark lord lies dead – but no eagles will come to fly you home. Instead, you must retrace the steps you took, and take the long way home.

In The Long Way Home, you create the journey back from the Lands of Shadow, one step at a time. You create the memories and scars you picked up on the way out – and perhaps pick up more. You’ll see how the world has changed because of your actions, and you may still have opportunities to liberate dark places from evil. As you travel, your encounters are bracketed by fireside conversations where we learn more about your characters and how they have changed.

The Long Way Home was created for Refraction Jam 2020, and was built on the game seeds There Are Other Worlds Than TheseThe Road Goes Ever On, and Bury Me In Starlight.