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Imposters is a game about a found family of weirdos who don’t fit into human society. Imposters focuses on the absurdity of “normal” human life; the comedy and pathos of characters who don’t know how to be normal; and the friendship and support those characters can find in each others’ company.

The game is inspired by imposter syndrome and how many of us experience the feeling that we don’t really belong where we are. In Imposters, you really don’t belong: you’re secretly a robot, a ghost, a vampire or a time traveller.  The world around you doesn’t make sense and constantly trips you up. Fortunately you have friends in the same position who support you.

Imposters is about that experience of a world that isn’t made for you, the ways in which the human world doesn’t really make all that much sense, and the ways in which you can support each other through it. It has a vibe similar to What We Do In The Shadows, Being Human, Ghosts and (for those with long memories) Third Rock From The Sun. You can play it as a straight drama or with more of a sitcom feel, or perhaps blend the two together.

This is the print version of the game, and includes a free PDF version as well.

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