Heaven Sent ($4)

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Life is tough in Heaven (or is it Hell). There is no-one to talk to about your problems, it can get pretty lonely sometimes.

Luckily humanity is just full of people who want to talk and people who want to listen.  They even have magazines and public forums just for talking about feelings and problems!  It is the perfect solution.

One of you will play an Angel (or a Demon!) writing letters to the agony column of a teenage girls’ magazine.  The other player will be the person whose job it is to respond to the letters – the Agony Aunt (this title does not assume the gender or age of that character).

Over the course of the game the Angel/Demon will gradually let their mask slip to reveal their identity and the Agony Aunt will eventually decide what they believe about the world, the nature of person they have been corresponding with and who they really are.

This is a game set in an agony column so when you write a letter you should post it publicly on a blog or similar and encourage ‘readers’ to comment on the letters as part of the game and the fiction you are making. Readers in this case are the audience of the blog, so feel free to tweet about it and let people know you are looking for a people to drop in and out playing the commentariat.