Lovecraftesque second edition is coming soon

We are planning a new edition of Lovecraftesque, the storytelling card game of creeping cosmic horror, crowdfunding in late 2023. You can follow the campaign here.

Photo of our Lovecraftesque demo kit, showing various cards, a booklet and a board.
Our Lovecraftesque demo kit from UK Games Expo. NOT the finished product!

A new edition

Just like the original, the new edition will help you create an atmospheric eldritch horror story, where the mystery emerges from clues contributed by the players. The main character stumbles upon a terrifying secret, gets too close to it and eventually witnesses the full horror, likely meeting a bleak end.

The new edition gives your group more support for their creativity through prompt cards that help you get your story set up and populate it with interesting clues and characters. The story will seem to write itself. It will also include brand new card-based scenarios to get your story off to a flying start, and which you can also mix and match to make up your own weird tales.

As always we include teaching text to make it easy for you to learn and teach the game at the table, and tools to avoid the stereotypes of Lovecraft’s own work.

Lovecraftesque second edition will be available as a boxed set with the rules and all the cards you need, and as a virtual tabletop for online play.

You can follow the campaign here.