The Admirals

Josh Fox was born and raised in The North and, after a long sojourn in London, has returned to his ancestral homeland. He has been roleplaying since he was ten years old, when he was introduced to D&D (the red box) and subsequently lost his lunchtimes for good.

He grew up on trad games like D&D, Rifts and Shadowrun, and even though he has branched out since, he still has fond memories of them. Josh is a system monkey and has only recently gotten over his suspicion of games that do not use dice, despite his atrocious luck. Josh has run a number of freeform LRPs of his own devising. These days he mostly plays indie-style tabletop games, often online over hangouts.

In his non-fictional life, Josh is a central Government civil servant, spends rather less time than he should on looking after his garden, and is in a relationship with Becky. Not in that order.

Becky Annison. At the age of 10 I watched a tv show which blamed a case of murder on Dungeons and Dragons. There was very little information available on Dungeons and Dragons at the time, but I worked out it was some sort of game. When I was 11 I spent all my birthday money on the basic D&D boxed set. Black with the red dragon on the front.Then I pestered all my friends and my Dad to play it with me; again and again and again.I love both table top and live action but these days life and work make table top the easier option. I prefer running system light games which are heavy on atmosphere and conversation not dice. My current campaign is based on Roger Zelazny’s Amber using the diceless Phage Press system.

When I am not gaming I am playing at being a lawyer, and trying to knit my own lentils. I live near London, in sin, with Admiral Rabalias and two ship’s cats, Ripley and N00t.

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