Advent Of Abomination (PDF) ($7)

An advent calendar that’s also a solo folk horror TTRPG! Open a door every day to reveal journaling prompts and drive your character to their doom just in time for Christmas day.

This year, you’re alone for Christmas, staying in a remote cabin far from the beaten track. No friends, no family, just you. It could be pretty miserable – but you’ve surrounded yourself with festive things and delicious holiday food. Things look like they’re off to a great start as a thick coat of snow has fallen. You are settling down for a lonely, but relaxed holiday. But you’re not as alone as you thought. Something inhuman stirs, and it’s about to tear your quiet little Christmas apart.

This Christmas, experience wonder and terror with Advent of Abomination

Note: the PDF version of the game includes print-ready files and instructions for how to cut and glue the calendar, so you can make yourself a physical copy; it also includes a bookmarked PDF so you can move through the prompts in a spoiler-free way.