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What is Lovecraftesque?

Lovecraftesque is the GMless storytelling game of brooding cosmic horror you’ve been waiting for. You tell the story of a lone Witness at the mercy of strange and terrifying events. The game helps you create a slow-building mystery, culminating in a climactic scene of horror.

You create your own monsters and mystery that feel like something out of Lovecraft’s notebook.

All the players contribute clues to surprise and creep each other out.

The rules ensure that the story flows seamlessly, as if an invisible GM were guiding it.

There won’t be any Mi-Go or Deep Ones—you’ll get a completely fresh take on the genre.


Lovecraftesque has been nominated for the Golden Geek game of the year 2015, and was a finalist in the IGDN awards for best setting and best art 2016.

Review quotes

“Beautifully crafted … A valuable contribution to the growing canon of roleplaying games” – The Mary Sue

“[Lovecraftesque] may be the most faithful RPG to Lovecraft’s original vision.” – Geek and Sundry

“The GM-less storytelling approach is both refreshing and inspiring … The structure and play is solid, and a lot of fun for players with different levels of gaming experience and Lovecraft knowledge.” – Shoggoth.Net

“Lovecraftesque is one of my favorite games from the last few years … Highly recommended!” – The Gauntlet

“In less than three hours, my friend and I had crafted, from nothing, a sanity-losing concoction of cosmic dread and I couldn’t be happier with the product.” –Ericvulgaris.Com

“Lovecraftesque is a very special game. It’s easy to teach, easy to play, and works even when you wouldn’t expect it to … It is a beautifully crafted game with surprising depth considering the simplicity and usability of the ruleset.” –On the Remembered Slopes

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