Disaster Strikes!

Disaster Strikes! is a no-prep roleplaying game by Admiral Rabalias. The game allows you to create your own disaster movie. You will create a threat, escalate it to the point of catastrophe, and see who can get out alive. Your Protagonists are the only ones brave, competent and heroic enough to save countless innocent Bystanders from doom.

The game takes about 4 hours to play and the only preparation is for at least one person to read the rulebook, which is a mere 38 A5 pages. You will need playing cards, some tokens or coins and some paper to make notes.

Download the Disaster Strikes! rulebook.

Additional Resources

Click below for handy printable one-pagers that you can give to your group to speed up play.

Protagonist creation rules

The DS! story structure

Conflict resolution rules

Ideas for disasters and locations

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