Apocalypse Keys – The Oldest House – Episode 17

Black Armada Tales
Black Armada Tales
Apocalypse Keys – the oldest house – episode 17

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Gabbi uses her powers to search for answers, and discovers a disturbing truth about the team. The true power and danger of Gabbi’s powers is revealed, and August pays the price.

We are playing Apocalypse Keys by Jamila R Nedjadi. Apocalypse Keys is currently in playtest. You can find out more here: https://www.evilhat.com/home/apocalypse-keys/

Our players are:

Becky Annison https://twitter.com/BeckyAnnison
James Torrance
Joshua Fox https://twitter.com/armadajosh
Nick Bate https://twitter.com/ickbat
Sue Elliott https://twitter.com/SuefaceTM

Black Armada create and publish TTRPGs here: https://blackarmada.com/

The music is Orange Button by Esther Garcia.